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[Updates] Update 13.02.2024

General Changes

  • Booster in toggle mode now work for the quest type that needs you to use items
  • PvP Ranking on website does not reset anymore and fixed a bug with siege ranking
  • Activated the Valentines Event
  • Fixed a small calculation...

[Updates] Update 27.01.2024

General Changes

  • Removed Snow Juno
  • Changed soul skills so they reapply before they expire
  • Improved the drops of the Bosses
  • Changed blue moonstone blessed iris to Great HP+MP boost
  • Reduced amount of needed...

[Updates] Update 16.01.2024

General Changes

  • If you kill the Officer or Leader of the Attackers during Mcs they will lose 10 / 20 points. This will not make MCs harder for the attackers since the stone is not dying faster or slower but adds a tactical component. This is an original LC feature which was buggy and got fixed
  • Adjusted MCs Guards / Towers to lvl...

[Updates] Update 08.01.2024

General Changes

  • Added Raid bosses to Monster wiki
  • When opening a shop, the scroll bar per default is now at the top
  • Fixed some bugs with showing wrong seals
  • Added some Cash Shop offers ( Already added them the last days)

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