20.07.2024 19:00


21.07.2024 19:00

Online Players

Update 13.06.2024

General Changes

  • Added a lot of covers for the EM Event
  • Soccer Event Quests can be accepted by the soccer ball in juno town
  • Changed Dratan Siege Area. It should now be better during siege like no pyramid and flatter area.
  • Increased Dratan Siege Barrier / Tower Level to 130 and increased HP slightly.
  • Fixed a siege bug with buying resurrection points
  • Disabled Repeatable Quest: Boucu Loot
  • Changed some Event Items to Charbound for lower level quests
  • Increased duration of the invincible mode (spawn protection)
  • Disabled a guild skill we had which caused bugs with death motion on siege and made the game close / freeze
  • Disabled old Phoenix ticket, affinity token and coin of the elite (Which were not used anyway)
  • Lowered gold cost of Strengthen Spirit
  • Made Materials from the cave drop rate higher
  • Reduced amount of coins you get from monster combo
  • Fixed wrong monster for Achievement "Kill 1000 Cursed Weaver / Lich" (level 2)
  • Added NS Wings to Cash Shop
  • Fixed a few other small things
  • Siege Owners can set the Siege until Tuesday 23:59. If you forget to set it --> Your fault. We will not set it anymore
  • Website should now correctly display the siege times, even if the date gets changed